Monday, December 19, 2011

Kroger The truly awesome Homestyle Cookies

I received this item
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday shopping 7/17 - 95.5% savings

As I was new to my neighbourhood I used to drive 13 minutes to the CVS I saw at an intersection near us and on the way I could pop into Target, walmart, R.A and Kroger as they were all on the same route. Today I decided to google map CVS locations and alas.. I found one just a 6 minute drive from my home in Lilburn GA!! You dont know how elated I was!! I reached the CVS and met a great Cashier "C" and found the place stocked up better than my usual one.. though some of the shelf clearers have already got to the $5.99 Garnier fructis cleanser and Gillette Fusion battery razor  there was only 1 remaining of each and I decided I wasnt going to buy any of the Garnier fructis skincare products as I needed the more cleansers ;). I had $5 ECB's from last week,  a $5 off 25 and $1 of any maybelline or garnier CVS  emailer coupons in hand. The Red coupon machine gave me a $5 of 20 skincare, $5 of 20 Revlon or maybelline Q , $2 off $10 breakfast bar purchase and $2 Bayer Aspirin 80ct CVS Q's. I decided to do 3 transactions and tried to commit to $5 OOP. I went above by a few cents.. Only thing Im disappointed is I dont have any more ECB's to roll. I will be starting afresh next time I head to CVS!!
Ps. The candy filler didnt make it to the photo was in one of my bags!!

1st Transaction:
1.Gillette Fusion battery razor $9.99 ( reg. ret 12.99)**** $4 ECB's
2.Zantac 150mg $8.99(reg. ret 10.49)*****$3 ECB's
3.Gillette Fusion shaving Gel  trial size $2.19 -*** was marked to give the Gillette ECB $2
4.Cottonelle flushable wipes tune $1.99 (reg. ret. $3.59)
5.Crest toothpaste $1.99 (reg.retail $1.99 (reg.ret $3.29) ****$1ECB
Total:  $25.15 (reg.retail $32.55 )

$5 off $25 CVS Q
$4 Off Gillette razors  June & July P&g exp 7/31
$5 off Zantac  internet Q
$1off Gillete Shaving products June &July P&G exp 7/31
Free Cottonelle wipes tub .. upto $3... Facebook promotion
0.75 off Crest thoothpaste 4.0oz or more June &July P&G exp 7/31
 = $17.74

Paid using $5 ECB's and OOP: $3.62  (2.41 Plus 1.21 tax)
Savings: $30.04
Received :$11 ECBS, ( $1 ECB -Crest, $1 ECB-green Tag, $3ECB-Zantac, $2 Gillete shaving gel, $4 Gillete razor)

2nd Transaction:
1. Pantene detangler and Anti Frizz spray 2/ $6.97  (reg. retail $10.48) ****2 ECB
2. 2 Oral B toothbrushes @$1.99= $3.98 ( reg. retail $5.98 )**** 1 ECB @
3. Candy ... filler 0.33
Total: 11.28 ( reg. retail  16.79)

$3/2 Any Pantene product june P&g
$2 Oral B toothbrush

Paid : $6 ECB's and OOP: $0.89( 0.28 Plus 0.61)
Saved: $16.51
Recieved: $4 ECB'S ( $2 pantene, $2 Oral B.)

3rd Transaction:
1. 2 boxes of Cheerios   2/ $5  ( reg. ret$7.98)
2. 2 bottles of Xtra laundry Detergant @1.49 = 2.98 ( reg. ret 5.98)
3. Always  $3.79 (reg. ret $3.99)
Total :  $11.77, (reg. ret 17.95)

$1/2  any cheerios
$1/2 xtra detergant
0.50 any always
= $2.5

Paid $9 ECB's and OOP 0.78 (0.27 Plus 0.58 tax)
Savings: 17.68

Total Merchandise Retail Worth:$67.29
Paid OOP: $5.29
Saved: $64.23 (95.45%)

Weekly Shopping - saved 68.6%

July 10th to July 16th  Spent $42.99 , Savings  $97.25 (68.6%)  So this week I went shopping twice on Sunday and Saturday..

Products Worth $66.14
Paid OOP: $15.93
Savings: $52.17 (79%)
Received: $5 ECB

Products Worth $75.59
Paid OOP: $27.06
Savings: $48.08 (63.6%)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday shopping 7/10 - 79% savings

 I needed diapers for my little one urgently. I usually order from Amazon mom's subscribe n save but I noticed this time around it was going to be  expensive and  I didnt have enough Amazon credit in my account. So if I was to order I would have ordered a  small box till I can fatten my amazon account using my survey and swagbucks rewards. So in my search I thought of purchasing Pamper Cruisers size 4 64ct box. At Amazon it would have costed me $12.59 (0.19/ count) with Subscribe n save. Thank God to CVS's deal this week, $4 Pampers home mailer coupon and the added wonders of ECB's n $5/$30 CVS emailed coupons I ended up getting the same box for $10.32 (0.16/count) and received $5 ECB's from the transaction!So If I add it to my calculations... got the diapers for $5.32 (0.08/ct) Amazing isnt it!!   Hopefully the box will last us max 3-4 weeks as I have been potty training my daughter for a while now.By the time I need then I hope there will be a better deal at Amazon.  I almost forgot to mention I got an unexpected bonus while shopping at CVS the Bic Soleil Shimmer came with a free $18.99 worth earphones, they are so cute will go great with my ipod!!! Thank you!!
After my CVS trip I visited Kroger checked what they had in store and their pricing and any unadvertised sales. I found a book on clearance for 50 cent about Happy feet, the little Penguin who could dance and I grabbed it for the little one.. Im sure she will love it!!

Breakdown of my transactions:
CVS(My store was out of the complete Multipurpose solution)
1st Transaction
1. Balance bar $1.69
2.Bic Soliel shimmer $6.99 with free earphones $18.99
 =$8.68  plus 18.99 ($27.67)[ reg. retail : $9.98 ($28.97)]
$3 Off any Bic product - 7/10 insert
$1 ECB - spring rewards. (Most of my ECB's expired as I was away and hubby refused to use them)!!

Paid : $5.08  ($4.68 plus 0.40 tax)
Received:  $1.69 and $3  ECB's
Savings: $5.30

2nd Transaction:
1.Pamper cruiser size 4 $19.99 ( reg. retail $24.69)
2.Zantac 150mg, 24 ct $10.49
=$30.48(reg. retail: 35.18)

$5 off $30 CVS Q
$3 off  Zantac 24ct or more CVS coupon
$4 off pamper cruisers .. home mailer exp 7/31
$5 off maximum strength zantac 24 ct or more... home mailer
$4.69 ECB's from first transaction.

Paid : $10.32 (8.79 plus 1.53 tax) OOP
Received :$5 ECB's from the Pampers.

Book $0.50 (reg.retail $1.99)
Paid :$0.53
Saved :$1.49

Total value of Merchandise: $66.14
Paid OOP: $15.93
Savings: $52.17 (79%)
Received: $5 ECB

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lawry's Bzz Kit

I received the Lawry kit courtesy of  Bzz Agent the day before I left for my Sibling's graduation. I was so excited to see the items. But I knew I would have to hide it in my pantry from my hubby because if he finds the marinades, he will use it before I get my hands on it!! And I need to test and taste it!! I cant blame him he enjoys cooking, too!

The kit came with 2 full size Marinades -the Balsamic Herb and the original Seasoned Salt Marinade; a bottle of seasoned salt, a recipe booklet, coupons and a red apron!! I usually use different brands of marinades and seasoned salt  in my kitchen. So I am looking forward when I head back home to try the marinades out  and leave a review!!

We did get to use the Marinades and the Balsamic Herbs was an instant winner. Balsamic Herb Marinade is inspired by the rich flavors of the Mediterranean, this marinade features aged balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and the perfect blend of Italian herbs including basil, rosemary and thyme. It had a very aromatic smell and tasted delicious. The instructions state that you can put  the marinade on your meat for 30 minutes and it would be sufficient. I like to keep my meat marinated overnight and like turning it. We usually eat chicken breast alot so thats what we experimented on.  We baked the marinated split chicken breast. I was worried that it maybe to salty but it was just right.. with a great taste of Italian  herbs and  tangy balsamic taste. Im a big fan of herbs and spices and I really liked this product. Im also a fan of Mediterranean food Ive lived in that part of the world for 7 years and I enjoy every minute I get to bring back the memories of my past. My Krafts Honey Barbequed Marinade for sure will be second to this Marinade!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week 2. Keep up the workout!!

I am planning to travel in the middle of this week and I also have to keep up with my exercise and diet. It's going to be a challenge will see how it goes along. I have to stay focused and motivated to reach my goals.

Day 1 of Week 2
My weigh in: 153.4lb

I will be doing cardio again. I might as well do crunch again as I need the challenge!!

Day 2
My weigh in : 153.0lb
According to the Hiphop abs calendar Ive got to do 2 DVD's and it was great to do!!

Week 1. Good so far !!

Today, June 5th is a new week in review of last week I can say.. I have become more active managed to get more than 1hr of exercise and eat smaller meals 6 times a day. I have lost 3.4 pounds !! I started out weighing 156.8lb and today I weigh 153.4lbs, yay!!. And I am drinking more water!!! Im going back to the old me!! 

Day 7 June 4th
My weigh in 154.8pds

Today I am giving my muscles and body a rest.I will be catching up with next week shopping senarios and start packing for my trip.

Day 6 June 3rd
My weigh in 153.8pds
I only did the Cardio DVD as I had a busy day.

Day 5 June 2nd
My weigh in 154.4pds  
I made a change I cant handle 2 workout activities in the day.. end up being to exhausted to do anything else. So I will be working out a bit longer using 2 DVD.s Will start with the Cardio DVD  then I will do the Crunch DVD.

Enjoyed working out for a longer period of time!! The Crunch DVD really challenged me but I didnt stop finished it till the end. And I felt extremely good!! No more sores and aches and huffing and puffing! I can do it!!

Day 4 June 1st
My weigh in 154.4pds 
Will be doing the Cardio DVD in the morning. Havent decided what I will do in the evening maybe the Crunch DVD again as it really worked me out!
I ended up skipping the evening workout all together as I was feeling exhausted.

Day 3. May 31st
My weigh in: 153.8 pds.

Working out using Ab Sculpting  DVD2. In the evening I was on the Treadmill brisk walking for 1hr.

Day 2. May 30th
My Weigh in: 155.4 pounds

Woke up sore all over. Worked out with Fat Burning Cardio. Still has me sweating!!
Evening Workout: Crunch Belly, Butt & Thighs Boot Camp
Will see how the rest of the week pans out!!
I wasnt ready for the 2nd DVD- Crunch bootcamp had me exhausted in the first 30 minutes. I couldnt handle it and stopped. I will build my stamina slowly!! Price we have to pay when you stop being active!!

Day 1 of week 1:
My Weigh in: 156.8 pounds

I started out this morning with the Shaun T's HipHop Fat Burning Cardio DVD1. Broke out into a good sweat and had fun.. My little one was running around playing with the dumbbells and smiling away.The routine didnt require dumbbells.

Evening Workout :
Women's Health  The wedding day workout DVD - Did the upper body and ab core workout. I can feel my muscles aching right now!! Feel exhausted!!

It's 7.30pm. Already drank 4 18Oz bottles of water. Have 1 and a half to go to reach 100 Oz!! Im sure I will reach the goal before I go to sleep ;)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Walmart Grocery shopping 6/4

Hubby picked up these items. And I dont have a photo for them .

2 loaves of Bread @$1.98
Chicken breast @1.88/lb  $10.34
Milk $3.08
Eggs 18 pk $2.38
2 cans of Kidney beans @0.66
Bananas $2.18
Romaine lettuce $1.78
Tomato $1.46
Total :  $27.03 ($26.50 plus  tax 0.53)

There are no savings but I would say that Walmart has the lowest prices for example the bread we buy- Arnold wholewheat Dutch country  at publix it is priced $1.30 higher.

Saturday shopping- 5/4 ; 77% Savings at RiteAid and Publix

This week we didnt go shopping. Ive been busy organising myself. I will be leaving soon for my sisters graduation in Canada. I managed to head out to Rite Aid as my $9 UP's were expiring and popped in Publix as my rain check was expiring, too but only after hubby made a trip to walmart and picked up groceries and other needed items. I wasnt really psyched to go shopping at Rite Aid today and I took my little one in tow. I ended up making 3 transactions instead of two and paying alittle extra.

I had planned to buy early edn sunday newspaper and 2 renpure conditioners. Saw a sippy cup on sale and took it as I needed one for my daughter. I wasnt  intending to buy candy but had to use them as fillers.. well for the 1st transaction.. the candy in the 2nd transaction was a mistake I should have bought my newspaper!!
Anyway thats me  keep making mistakes!! So when I realized I hadnt bought my newspaper I made a 3rd transaction!! Plus side of it is I managed to receive 2 survey invitations!! Thank you rite Aid!!

1st Transaction
2 Renpure conditioner @$4.99   (reg. $6.99) get 4.99 UP's =$9.98
 1 filler kitkat bar 0.50
Total $10.48  (reg. ret $13.98)

$9 Ups  and $1 non prescription Up

Paid OOP   $0.97(0.48 plus 0.49 tax)
Savings: $14
Received (2) $4.99 Up's

2nd transaction

Pampers  sippy cup $4.49  reg. ret $4.99
Reese candy $0.50
Total $4.99 ( reg. ret $5.49)

$4.99 Ups from previous transaction

Paid ;$0.28 (only tax) OOP
Savings: $5.49
Received $1UP's from sippy cup

3rd Transaction
1 Newspaper  $2
Used $1 UP's from previous transaction

Paid  $1.12 OOP ($1 and 0.12 tax)

Total: Value of products:$21.47
OOP: $2.37
Savings: $20.49  (63%)
Still have $4.99 Up's and 2 surveys!!

Had a raincheck for Bic razors 3-4 Pack which were BOGO  priced at $5.49. My raincheck was expiring today and Im so glad that I passed by the store!!As of last week they didnt have any instore!!
 Bic razors B1GI @$5.49
1 newspaper $2
Total: $7.49 ( reg.retail $12.98)

(2) $3 off bic razors  (overage of 0.51)

Paid $1.94( 1.49 plus 0.45 tax) OOP
Savings:$6 (76%)

My total: 
merchandise worth: $34.45
Paid : $4.31 OOP
Savings $26.49 ( 77% )

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday Shopping - 5/28 savings 68%

I was supposed to go shopping on Thursday but I didnt get around to do it. Today we went out as a family and spent sometime at Northlake Mall in Tucker. After that we visited CVS, Walmart, Kroger and Whole foods to purchase food supplies. We  managed to stock up on Chicken and Similac for the little one. Havent been lucky yet to get the $1 Kandoo wipes at Kroger..I always find the shelf  cleared and I forgot to get a raincheck. I hope the sale continues. I didnt save much on this trip as most of items didnt have coupons but I managed to score some good deals!
I just realized right now while typing up the receipts that at Walmart my free coupon for Philadelphia Creme was not applied... they owe my $2.48 :(. Guess I will have 2 go in tomorrow to deal with Customer service!! Once I get my refund I will update my post.

 I wasnt very happy with the trip I didnt go to my regular CVS again. The store didnt have green tags, and my $1 off any biore coupon and none of the  revlon coupons went through. So the cashier rejected them. I made a calculated decision of leaving the revlon nail polishs.. I dont have the extra money to spend. :(
I received a free green tag Coupon, $1 off crystal light drink mix and $1 off any Popcorn Indiana from the CVS Coupon machine. And I also got a $2 off $10 worth of Candy coupon  printed on my receipt.

2 Purex @1.98
1. Biore stripe $7.99
1  Biore Cleanser $7.99
Total: $19.94 (Reg price.$30.86)

BI biore strip GI biore cleanser free
2 $1 off 50oz Purex detergant
$5 ECB and $2 ECB from last week
 Total:  $16.99

Paid:$2.95 plux $1.40 = $4.35
Savings: $27.91
Received :$5 ECB from Biore and $1 ECB  from Green tag as it was my 4th visit.

(3) Tyson split Chicken breast  $1.19/LB. Packages priced $2.89,$2.80,$2.94 =$8.63 approx 7.25 pounds
I didnt have the $1off any Tyson product coupon but it was still a great deal as we usually buy chicken breast at $1.88/lb at walmart = approx 5.32 pounds at $10
Kroger Drumsticks4.69 @ $1.99/LB = $5.53
Ore-Ida Sweet Potato fries - $2.79
Similac sensitive $4.19
Total: $ 21.14 (Reg.Price: $28.85)

Free bag of Oreida Sweet Potato fries  - Facebook offer
$5 off any similac product - exp 5/31
Total: $7.79

Paid $13.18 OOP
Saved: $16.30

Bananas  4.40lb @$0.52/lb = $2.29
Sweet Potatoes 2.64lb @$0.93/lb =$2.46
Arnold Wholewheat Dutch Country Bread $1.98
Quaker Oats oatmeal 40oz - $2.72
Eggs 18 Carton  = $2.46
Lettuce $1.58
Cilantro $0.88
Roma Tomatoes 0.90lb @$1.38/lb=$1.24
3 Carefree pantiliner @0.94= $2.82
Similac sensitive $3.84
2 Wilkinson women twin razor $0.97=$1.94
Philadelphia cooking creme  $2.48
Total: $26.69

2- $1 off any wilkinson  twin razors - internet coupon
3 -$1off carefree coupon ( They took of $0.94@,NO OVERAGE :( )
$3 off any similac product
(My free Philadelphia cooking creme was not applied which is confusing, she scanned it through, wrote the amount on the coupon guess she didnt press enter???)
Total: $7.82

Paid : $11.41 OOP and $8.46 from Walmart gift card

2nd Transaction:
Similac sensitive  $3.84
Used $3 off any similac product Coupon
Paid $0.96

Paid $12.37 OOP
Saved:  $10.82 plus $8.46 GC =  $19.28

Whole Foods
Walnuts  $2.50
Back to Nature Cranberry Pecan Granola Cookies $3.19
Total: $5.69

$1off any Back to Nature product - internet coupon
$1 off any Back to Nature product - Whole food Coupon
2- 0.10 Bag refund  as I brought in my own bag.
Total: $ 2.2

Paid :$3.49 plus 0.18 tax = $3.67
Savings: $2.2

Overall Totals:
Merchandise value before sale: 95.93%
Paid OOP: $33.57
Savings: $65.69 = 68%

Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 22nd to 28th Spent $76.05 , Saved $124.02 (79%)

So far I have had a great week. Stopped by Walgreens on Sunday and Publix on Tuesday. I did check my Walgreens again yesterday to see if they have restocked products but it didnt look like it.  I still havent been able to go to CVS or RA. And now there are rumours of changes in Rite Aid policy, awaiting to hear the official verdict.

So far my totals are as follows :

Walgreens You can read it here
Spent  $5.99 OOP and Saved $24.1= 80%

Publix  You can read it here
Spent $4.37 OOP and Saved $34.23 =89%

Managed to do my shopping on Saturday. R.A have changed their policy - cant use a B1G1 free coupon on a BOGO sale. My trip went smoothly.. just one mishap one of my coupons wasn't deducted. Will head tomorrow to Walmart!

Visited : CVS,Kroger,Walmart, Whole foods  You can read it here
Spent: $33.57 OOP and Saved 65.69 = 68%

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Publix Trip 5/24 - 15 items paid less than $5

Had to go to Publix to get some freebies and pick a few necessities in the house. My Publix store ads run Thursday to Wednesday where I live.And my publix accepts Target and Kroger coupons. Luckily, we have free access to Target coupons online!! The only item we needed was salt  but I wanted to buy some sugar to stockpile as it was a great price - 5lb bag for $2.99 and with a 50c coupon which doubles  I got it for $1.99.

There are a couple of great discounts going on at Publix which I wanted to take and advantage of too:
Covergirl blushers, bronzers, pressed powder have a $2 off discount of their retail price and Right Guard products have a  30% discount.

This is what I bought
(3) Breakstone cottage cheese doubles @$0.5 = $1.5
(4)Covergirl blush @3.59 with the$2off  @$1.59   Total = $6.36
(2)Wishbone dressing  -BOGO $2.65
(2)Rightguard deos @$1.95 = $3.9
(1)Domino 5lb pure cane sugar  @$2.99
(1)Thai Kitchen Noddles @ $1.09
(1)Peterpan Peanut butter 28oz @$2.69
(1)Morton Iodinized salt @$0.57

2- $1 Publix- Wishbone coupon
1-$1.25/2 Wishbone coupon -printable
2-$1 Target- Any covergirl cosmetic coupon - from Target beauty bag promotion
2-$2.5/2 - Any covergirl cosmetic coupon -P&G 5/2
1-$0.75/3- Breakstone cottage cheese doubles coupon
1-$0.50- Domino sugar coupon  which doubled to $1 - 5/22
1-$0.50- Any Thai kitchen product coupon which doubled to $1- printable
1-BIGI free Right guard product
2-$1- Target - any Rightguard product - printable
1-$1- Peterpan  Peanut butter coupon from April All you mag(Not very sure )

Paid $4.37($3.80 plus 0.59 in tax) OOP and saved $34.23.  89% savings!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Product Review : Covergirl Natureluxe Collection

I got an opportunity to try  the Covergirl New Natureluxe collection products. I received 2 full sizes products Oak shade Liquid Silk Foundation and cinnamon gloss balm to try and coupons to share for free courtesy of BzzAgent. This is my first package from them and I was very excited to receive them.

I personally like using different make up products. I frequently use MAC Studio fix powder plus  foundation  occassionally use Queen Collection compact base foundation and less frequently use Fashion Fair stick foundation. I cant go out without foundation I have acne scars and have alot of blemishes on my  face. Sometimes I have to use up to 2 products to cover the blemishes. And unfortunately after a while I can have a heavy or caked on feel if it's been a long or humid day!

I tried on the Natureluxe liquid silk foundation. It was smooth and silky to touch and very sheer as promised.  I loved the feel to my face it was very light as if I had not put anything on. The only thing I didnt like was the sample product was 1-2 shades lighter than my skin tone and it did not completely cover my blemishes. I would recommend it to a person who has flawless skin.. it is the product to die for!!. Something I forgot to mention but worth mentioning is in it's listed ingredients  it has Jojoba and rosehip extracts as well as a touch of cucumber water. Ingredients which work well for people who have sensitive skin or who are prone to break outs!! Another plus is it's an Oil free product and provides a SPF-10 protection.

The Naturelux Gloss Balm combines the sheer color and shine of a gloss with the soft moisturization of the Balm. It has a SPF 15 coverage which is high compared to the foundation. Unfortunately again the shade was to light but I liked the feel of the gloss and the moisture it provided. I usually wear lip gloss I am planning to getting one in my shade,  very soon.

If you are interested  to try out different products and provide valuable feedback why dont you join BzzAgents, too. You can sign up here . And you can befriend me, Im BzzAgent Monsoonbreezes!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday shopping 5/22

Just came back from Walgreens. They had a good number of food products on sale as well as great deals. I was looking for the Tone body wash on the shelves couldnt find it. So I went up to the my favorite associate who happened to be the cashier and asked where I can find it. She looked behind her counter and gave me the last bottle!! I was so happy I havent been lucky at Wags recently getting the RR deals as nearly everything is out of stock!! I didnt find any Reach toothbrushes in stock and forgot to ask when they get their next supplies.  I took 2 Russel Easter eggs for fillers ended up buying one and I didnt need it but will satisfy my sweet tooth!!

First transaction:
1. Tone Body Wash - $3.99 Receive $3RR
2. Scunci no hair damage hair elastics -$2.00. Receive $2RR
3. Easter egg 0.14 (75% off) ( 0.44 savings)
Total:  $6.13

$2 RR
$2 Tone Body wash coupon - IP no longer available.

Paid: $2.49 plus $0.36 tax
Savings according to Receipt: $6.44
Received : $3RR and $2 RR

2nd Transaction
1. Sunmaid raisins 18 oz - $3.29 ( in ad price = $1.99 )
2. (3) Hunt's Sauce 8oz  @$0.99 = $2.97  (in ad price 3/$1)
3. (2)Honey Nut Cheerios 12.25 oz @ $1.99 = $3.98
4.Yardley soap 1 bar - $1.49 (in ad price  $0.69)
5. Sunday Paper $1.89
6. Carefree body shape $0.99
Total: $10.54

(2) 0.55 Honey nut cheerio coupons- internet coupon
0.30 Yardley soap coupon - May All you
0.99 off Carefree coupon
$2RR and $3 RR from 1st transaction.

Paid:  3.15 plus  0.35 tax OOP
Savings according to receipt: $17.66

Total OOP : $5.28  and  $0.71 in tax
Savings:  $24.1 - 80% savings!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yesterday we passed by Target to pick up some light bulbs before the Temporary price cuts ended. As I was with hubby and toddler in tow I had to limit what I was going to buy so it could be a quick in and out trip!! Last week I received a $2 Catalina for select GE bulbs after buying 75 W GE reveal  4-pk light bulbs and I also had a $1 off GE light bulb coupons. I also had a couple of the $5/2 Revlon beauty tools so I picked up 2 products. As usual I received 2 other catalina for the products - one $5/2 and $2 off 1 revlon beauty product. More products to give away!!

1. 100 W GE reveal light bulb 4 pk -$3.29
2. Nail trimmer - $2.99
3. Nail clipper - $2.24
Total: $8.52

$2 off select GE  bulbs - Target catalina coupon
$1 off GE bulbs - newspaper insert
$5/2 Revlon beauty Products- Target catalina coupon

Paid: $0.47 plus 0.51 tax = $0.98 OOP
Savings according to the receipt : $8.05 (89% SAVINGS)
Received more Target catalina coupons!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Join QuestionMom and earn Paypal Cash!!

This is a relatively new market research website for Moms located in US and Canada. Been goggling haven't read a negative review so far...seems to have been in the market around the beginning of this year. You answer surveys, review products and also participate in giveaways. Once you've registered you can invite family and friends. The payout is via PayPal once you reach $20.  Your PayPal account is verified when you sign up or you have to create an  new account. I joined today and already earned $4 their surveys are not very long and the minimum is $1.

Sign up to participate with QuestionMoms  Please mention rcksy1 referred you! Thank you

If you are not a mum you can join their other website . Personally I haven't tried them I am only sharing the details.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday shopping- 4/17

Total before sales & coupons: $69.47
Savings: $48.76 or 70%
OOP (out of pocket): $23.21
Received : $2 ECB
This Sunday I wanted to get the RA bogo airwick deal especially as the coupon expires today and buy similac powder & Physician formula as there is a significant reduction in prices at CVS. Visited RiteAid first to check if I could get free Airwick air freshener unfortunately they were out. I decided to look at the what was still in stock. Took  2 ajax cleanser and 2 Arm & Hammer baking powder when I went to the cashier and the  Fab, Ajax, coupon didnt want to scan through so I decided to leave them and only bought the baking soda.As the manager was behind the cashier today asked her if I could pay for the Airwick today and pick it up later. She said that it's not possible. I do remember reading that some people preorder and purchase items thats why I was asking.  I later went to my local CVS and took my time  I received a $1.50 Bayer aspirin coupon from the red box and I  noticed there was a  50 ct. reduced to  $2.34.making it free with my MFR coupon.  Because I am buying baby formula I usually pay OOP as I dont want to use much of my ECB'S. So after a successful CVS trip I popped in a different RA to check their inventory most of the good stuff had been cleared, too and also to check if they had rimmel mascara as I had an RA coupon and hadnt been able to get it. Ended up getting a raincheck as they have been out for a while. So I went to Walmart to get some more Similac (liquid) and Nestle cereal and added a few things.

(2)  Arms & Hammer baking soda  @$0.59 (reg. retail 0.99) **
used $1 off any Arms and hammer laundry products.
Total: $1.18
 Paid:$ 0.18
Saved: $1.80
*** eligible for  $10 UP's  when you buy $30 worth of cleaning product
Total: $1.17  so have $28.83 to reach that goal. And I also received another $3 of $15 survey invite.

Total Merchandise value before sale price: $55.03
Paid OOP: $18.
Saved: $38.46  or 70%
ECB: $2.3

1st transaction:

Similac simplepak $21.99 (reg. retail 25.49)
Bayers aspirin 50 ct. $2.34 (reg retail $4.69)
Heads and shoulders $4.99 ( reg.retail  5.89)
Edge infused shaving cream $ 3.29  (reg retail $ 3.49)
Physician Formula 2 in 1 concealer $ 4.79 (reg. retail 7.99)** 40% off promotion
4 snickers single eggs @$0.5 (reg.retail 0.87)
= $39.4 ( Reg. retail =51.03)

$5 off $30 CVS email coupon
$1.50 off Bayers aspirin  CVS  coupon
$5 off similac  simplepak coupon from march inserts
$5 off any Physician formula coupon  which got decreased to $4.79
$1 off Bayer aspirin
$2 Head and shoulders from P&G Home mailer
(2)$1/2 Mars easter candy
$0.55 off Edge infused shaving  gel/cream
 $1.99 and $1 ECB's from last week.

Total: $14.57 plus $1.19 in tax
OOP: $15.76
Earned : $2 ECB(H&S)  and $2.3 ECB( Edge)

2nd Transaction
2 Sunday Newspaper @$2
Total: $4.00 plus 0.24 tax

Paid with $2 ECB  from transaction 1 and $2.24OOP
Saved: $2

1. Minute Maid orange juice $2.62
1. Smart balance milk  $3.14
1. Similac  1 quart  $3.84
1. Nestle baby cereal  $ 2.66
1. Mt. Olive sweet relish  $1

$1 off Minute maid from FB
$5 any similac product  - 4/3 insert
$2 off smart balance milk
$0.5 off any mt. Olive relish

Totaling : $4.76 plus 0.27 tax
Paid using GC $5.03  Still have a $4.3 Balance.
Saved: $8.5

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday shopping- 4/16

Total before sales & coupons: $32.38
Savings: $10.97or 49%
OOP (out of pocket): $22.28

I had planned to visit Walmart as we were running low on groceries and also needed  to return a couple of items we purchased for our daughters room and the car..they have been in the house for a while and the 90 daysreturn were almost upon us. I also needed to buy  drawer & door latches to child proof the kitchen  as  my toddler is now exploring the whole house. I also planned to go to Rite Aid to get some Old spice body wash and exchange the gillete manual razor to a battery powered one.  Unfortunately, the shelves were cleared at my local RA so I opted to get a Raincheck and to my surprise on the exchange receipt I received an opportunity to do a survey and get  $3 of $15 RA coupon. All I could say was Hurray!!!

At Walmart I got paid back $31.61 in a walmart Gift card for the returns. I got tempted this time around while doing my grocery shopping to try out some of the Alexia products - the sweet potatoes and the  oven fries with Parmesan cheese as I had  2 $1 off  any alexia frozen item coupons .Unfortunately both of the coupons didnt go through and I decided not to take them. It would have cost me a total of  $6.15 OOP

I bought
Great day All Natural Eggs  xl  $1.73  and  large $1.62
Safety 1 door latches  $3.50
Bananas  $1.64 ( 3.15/lb)
(2)Arnold Wholewheat bread @$1.98
Scotch Magic tape $1.22
(3) Hunt's Tomato paste @0.50
(2) Hunt's Tomato sauce @ 0.48
Starkist tuna pouch $0.78
(2) 2% Milk @$2.98
Similac  sensitive 1 qrt  $3.84
Minute maid $2.62
Degree deo 0.97
Flour $2.08
Total before tax: 32.38

(2)$1 off 1 carton of eggs.
$1 off magic scotch tape
Buy 4 get 1 free hunt's paste or sauce, upto 47 cents
50 c off starkist product
$5 off any similac product = 1.16 OVERAGE
$1 off minute maid orange 
$1 off degree deo = 0.03 OVERAGE

Paid : $21.41  and 0.87 in tax  using the gift card. Have a $9.33 balance remaining.  49% savings!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Unplanned trip- 4/14

Total before sales & coupons: $29.73
Savings: $26.11 or  87.82%
OOP (out of pocket): $4.67

Had to go and pick up a few things and opted to use the rewards than real money to pay for stuff. Visited CVS first as I had a few CVS free coupons and $3 Birthday coupon. I also had a $1/2 coke coupon after realising that I had atleast  2 $5 ECB's I was going to use I opted not to use the coupon. We were short on Honey nut Cheerios and pasta sauce and wanted  also to take advantage of the current sale on xtra detergant and prunes.Unfortunately there were no prunes in store so i took a raincheck. Received a sweet surprise when I scanned my CVS card I received $5 ECB reward as I had reached $50 for the Beauty Club rewards. I also had the CVS online coupon to get a free mesh sponge when you buy any essence of beauty bath & body purchase but they were out asked for a raincheck. The cashier didnt want to do it asked if I could visit another store.

CVS Transaction
(1) xtra mountain  laundry detergent  $1.49 reg retail $2.99
 (1) Honey Nut cheerio  22 oz $6.39
(3) Coke 2oz  @1.69 = $5.07
Ragu original 24oz 2.19
CANDY  $0.33
Essence of beauty bath antibacterial hand wash $3.99
= $20.96

CVS Free drink or candy upto $2.
CVS Free antibacterial essence of beauty $3.99
      $3 CVS birthday coupon
      $10 ECB
      0.50 OFF XTRA coupon ... IP
Paid 0.14 OOP (took off some of the tax , too!)
Saved :$20.99

Walmart transaction
(1)Brocolli crown $0.98
 Bananas $1.28
(1) Loaf of Arnold wholewheat bread $1.98
(1) Similac sensitive spit up  $3.84
 Used $5 off any similac coupon - $1.16 overage applied to total!!
Paid 3.08 plus 0.16 tax = 3.24

Until we had left Walmart I realised I had forgotten to get tomato paste. I just realised how unorganised Im becoming as Kroger was on the way home I popped in to pick 2 cans up. As far as I remember it cost 50 c at walmart but  didnt want to waste anymore fuel.

2 hunts tomato paste 0.63 c reg price 0.69
Paid  $1.29
saved  $0.12

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What did you get in the mail this week?

This is what I got in the mail after April 1st till  April 14th.  My birthday coincided with these dates so I also received a Sephora  postcard reminding me to pick up my birthday present  as Im a member of their beauty insider program.  DSW  sent me a postcard which states I have $5 off any purchase.  I also received by email  50 Swagbucks for my birthday, a free dinner from Captain D's, a $3 off any purchase from CVS and icecream from DQ.
I am also a member of smilely and as a member I received the Gum Soft picks to try and give feedback. I had sent my husband  a SweetTweet when they had a FB  promotion and he appreciated it. It's so cute, a message with candy. I also received through a FB promotion a money clip from1saleADay.
The rest of the items were requested from their websites.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

CVS trip - 4/10

Total before sales & coupons: $59.85
Savings: $61.81 or 103%
OOP (out of pocket): $0.24
Got Paid Back $17.99!!!  Great profit!!
Just came back from CVS. I was lucky to receive the $5 off $40 CVS coupon and I managed to pull a big one, this time around even my hubby was shocked when he saw the receipt!! The manufacturer coupons paid some of the sale tax ended up paying only 24 cents OOP!!
Ps. I always try to use my own reusable bags and swipe my green tag so I received $1ECB on this visit as it was the 4th visit.

My transaction:

 (2) Freshmatic Starter Kit for $6 each  reg 12.99
 (2) Air Wick Spray Refills for $5 each reg 6.29
Used 2 $4 off Freshmatic coupons
Used 1 BOGO Spray Refill coupon from Smart Source 3/6/11( Minus $5)
Get $ 10 EB
= $ 9

 (1) Biore  Cleanser and (1) Biore pore strips - 2/$15  reg.  cleanser $7.79, strips $7.99
  Get $5 EB  Used Buy biore cleanser get pore strips free coupon from Smart Source 3/6/11 (Minus $7.5)
 =$ 7.5

 (1) Super Miracle Bubbles 16 oz $1.99
  Get $1.99 ECB
=$ 1.99

(2) Sunday Newspaper special bundle  $3

Total Sale Price : $41.99 , (Retail price: 59.85) >>>>  $21.49 after coupons
Used : $5 off $40  & 17.49 ECB's (From last week)  [ The MFR Q takes of the tax's  So have ONE scanned last]
Paid: $0.24
Received :
$1 (Green tag), $1.99(Bubbles), $10( airwick), $5( biore) ECB’s to use on my next trip.

 My receipt!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My walmart Trip

Made a quick trip to Walmart to buy some grocery items and also took an opportunity to use my coupons. These are the savings I made. I also found a Fisher price  SnapLock beads toy on clearance from $5 to $2  for my little one an instant $3 savings. I found them at a free standing display where most of the clearance items are kept. It can be found near the express check out at the store.

Products I bought
(2) Minute maid $2.58 @  $5.16
1/1 Minute maid FB coupons 

(1) 12pk All natural eggs (XL) $1.73
(1) 12pk All natural eggs  $1.62
Used (2)1/1 off 1 carton of All Natural Omega  Eggs FB coupons

McCormick Grill mate - $1.68
Used (1) $1 Off any McCormick spice

odor Adjustable  refresher 0.94
1/1 Odor adjustable refresher printable
 =+ 0.6 Overage

Fischer Price  Snap Lock $2 was  $5

Paid:  $6.59
Saved: $9

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday shopping 4/3 - Saved 98%

Total before sales & coupons: $56.81
Savings: $55.68 or 98%
OOP (out of pocket): $3.47
Got Paid Back $22.47!!!  Great profit!!
So this week I managed to hit a few stores on Sunday with my little Munchkin in tow. I picked up my free 8x10 photo from Walgreens and also got the April and Spring Beauty Wags coupon booklets. Still haven’t been able to get my hands on the Infant Care Coupon Booklet, sigh! Then I headed to CVS which was a great trip. Lastly I visited Rite aid which ended up being a spoiler. Have you ever planned a shopping trip and not realize your UP rewards have expired!! I pulled up at RA then while double checking my UPs I saw that they expired yesterday 4/2. And the unfortunate part is I visited RA yesterday to pick a few things and used half of my UPS and didn’t check the expiring date of the others. So I lost $6 worth of Up rewards. Apart from that the lineup of my coupons were rung up in the wrong order I ended up spending more UP rewards and OOP. All I can say is it's a lesson well learned I will be extremely careful next time when I hand them over to the cashier as the fault is on me. And maybe next time I could just drive home and reassess my shopping strategy.

Back to my trip:
1. Walgreen:
Total before sales & coupons: $2.99
Savings: $2.99 or 100%
OOP (out of pocket): $0 Free
Walgreens are promoting 7 days of deals again in their Photo section you can snag some great gifts for free or reduced prices. Today's check out code: DEAL8X10
2. CVS trip:
Total before sales & coupons: $42.04
Savings: $41.69 or 99.16%
OOP (out of pocket): $2.14
Got Back $ 17.47 in ECB’s
 I bought:
Clairol Nice n’ Easy Color Blend foam color $7.99 Get back 1 ECB
Used the free coupon from Face book promotion in March
= Free
Complete Multi-purpose solution $8.99 Get back 8.99 ECB limit 1
Used $1/1 coupon 4/3 SS
 = 7.99
(2)Oral-B Manual toothbrush $2.99 Get back $1.98 ECB limit 1
Used B1G1 FREE Oral-B Advantage toothbrush coupon 3/13 RP
ALSO, used $2/1 coupon 4/3 PG
 = 0.99
Gold Bond body wash $5.88  Get back a $3 Ecb limit of 1
Used $2/1 coupon in 3/6 SS
 (1)Oral-B Pro-health complete rinse $3.49 : Get back a $2.50 ECB limit of 2
Used $1/1 Crest rinse coupon 4/3 PG

Sundays Newspaper $2
= 2
 Used $4 off $20 purchase coupon (emailed from CVS) – Remember you  have to get to $20 BEFORE any other coupons! Make sure you register your email with CVS to get this great Coupon offers!!
Used : 13 ECB's 
Paid : 2.14 OPP !!!
Got back $1 (Clairol),$3 (Goldbond), $1.98(Oral B), $2.50( Crest), $8.99( complete) ECB’s to use on my next trip.
Now if I only waited and bought the newspaper after getting the ECB's I would have paid only $0.14 OPP!! I’m still tempted to head down to CVS and do some more shopping. :)

3: Rite Aid :
Total  before sales & coupons: $11.78
Savings: $11  or 93.37%
OOP (out of pocket): $1.33
Got Back $5 in UP’s
I had previously planned to buy the Gillette Proglide Razor and the Scunci hair bands.
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor - $9.99, $5 +UP Reward
$5 Gillette Fusion ProGlide coupon from March Ebony  inserts

Scunci Hair Bands - $1.99, $1.99 +UP Reward
 Instead  I bought  the razor only then handed the MFR coupon followed by all of my $UP rewards to the cashier. That’s when the order mishap happened  had to find filler  as there was a penny  remaining ($1.99) and the $2 UP couldn't be applied. In a perfect world the $2 UP should have been applied in the beginning and I would have had 1 UP remaining and have 99c before tax to pay for without adding the filler!!.  I took a Newton fig tagged as 49 c instead it rang up 79 c I was already emotionally drenched  I didn’t see the need to search for something cheaper and the Cashier is a very pleasant lady, didn’t want to leave her with a bad impression.  I was also lucky that the store wasn't busy  and my baby wasn't acting up either!!
Used : 4UPs and $1UP for prescription.
Paid:  1.33 OOP 
Got $5 UP back.
It seems I will be going to RA again  for an exchange hubby prefers the battery operated one. Oh! well, another adventure!!
 Copy of my receipt... You be the Judge!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

What did you get in the mail this week?

The last week of March came with a few surprises. I had forgotten all about the heart shaped post it's. I think I requested them around valentines day. Aren't they cute!! 
All the products in the photo were free. I either signed up for them like the Target beauty gift bag and the Avon Kit  or won them from the sponsor's website or Facebook page like the Creme of Nature's  new fragrance sample the Sunflower & Coconut detangling  conditioning shampoo and the P&G coupon booklet. The Kiehl's Facial fuel Energizing Face Wash was a thank you gift for my husband after completing a home based product study by L'oreal. I hope he likes it!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Newbie to couponing!!

 I have just started experiencing the new world of coupon usage and getting more for my dollar. We used to shop at Walmart & Sam's Club and spend between $300- 350 or more a month. For the last 3 months I have joined the multitude of women who coupon and save the extra dollars for their households. My familyrecently moved from  OH to Atlanta, GA  and we are currently starting a new life. Right now I am a full time Homemaker and we have a 9mo old daughter. So every dollar counts!!
This blog is dedicated to all the newbies like me who are trying to learn the ropes and make some extra cash!!
Hope you have fun as you do it!! I have been doing that!