Monday, December 19, 2011

Kroger The truly awesome Homestyle Cookies

I received this item
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday shopping 7/17 - 95.5% savings

As I was new to my neighbourhood I used to drive 13 minutes to the CVS I saw at an intersection near us and on the way I could pop into Target, walmart, R.A and Kroger as they were all on the same route. Today I decided to google map CVS locations and alas.. I found one just a 6 minute drive from my home in Lilburn GA!! You dont know how elated I was!! I reached the CVS and met a great Cashier "C" and found the place stocked up better than my usual one.. though some of the shelf clearers have already got to the $5.99 Garnier fructis cleanser and Gillette Fusion battery razor  there was only 1 remaining of each and I decided I wasnt going to buy any of the Garnier fructis skincare products as I needed the more cleansers ;). I had $5 ECB's from last week,  a $5 off 25 and $1 of any maybelline or garnier CVS  emailer coupons in hand. The Red coupon machine gave me a $5 of 20 skincare, $5 of 20 Revlon or maybelline Q , $2 off $10 breakfast bar purchase and $2 Bayer Aspirin 80ct CVS Q's. I decided to do 3 transactions and tried to commit to $5 OOP. I went above by a few cents.. Only thing Im disappointed is I dont have any more ECB's to roll. I will be starting afresh next time I head to CVS!!
Ps. The candy filler didnt make it to the photo was in one of my bags!!

1st Transaction:
1.Gillette Fusion battery razor $9.99 ( reg. ret 12.99)**** $4 ECB's
2.Zantac 150mg $8.99(reg. ret 10.49)*****$3 ECB's
3.Gillette Fusion shaving Gel  trial size $2.19 -*** was marked to give the Gillette ECB $2
4.Cottonelle flushable wipes tune $1.99 (reg. ret. $3.59)
5.Crest toothpaste $1.99 (reg.retail $1.99 (reg.ret $3.29) ****$1ECB
Total:  $25.15 (reg.retail $32.55 )

$5 off $25 CVS Q
$4 Off Gillette razors  June & July P&g exp 7/31
$5 off Zantac  internet Q
$1off Gillete Shaving products June &July P&G exp 7/31
Free Cottonelle wipes tub .. upto $3... Facebook promotion
0.75 off Crest thoothpaste 4.0oz or more June &July P&G exp 7/31
 = $17.74

Paid using $5 ECB's and OOP: $3.62  (2.41 Plus 1.21 tax)
Savings: $30.04
Received :$11 ECBS, ( $1 ECB -Crest, $1 ECB-green Tag, $3ECB-Zantac, $2 Gillete shaving gel, $4 Gillete razor)

2nd Transaction:
1. Pantene detangler and Anti Frizz spray 2/ $6.97  (reg. retail $10.48) ****2 ECB
2. 2 Oral B toothbrushes @$1.99= $3.98 ( reg. retail $5.98 )**** 1 ECB @
3. Candy ... filler 0.33
Total: 11.28 ( reg. retail  16.79)

$3/2 Any Pantene product june P&g
$2 Oral B toothbrush

Paid : $6 ECB's and OOP: $0.89( 0.28 Plus 0.61)
Saved: $16.51
Recieved: $4 ECB'S ( $2 pantene, $2 Oral B.)

3rd Transaction:
1. 2 boxes of Cheerios   2/ $5  ( reg. ret$7.98)
2. 2 bottles of Xtra laundry Detergant @1.49 = 2.98 ( reg. ret 5.98)
3. Always  $3.79 (reg. ret $3.99)
Total :  $11.77, (reg. ret 17.95)

$1/2  any cheerios
$1/2 xtra detergant
0.50 any always
= $2.5

Paid $9 ECB's and OOP 0.78 (0.27 Plus 0.58 tax)
Savings: 17.68

Total Merchandise Retail Worth:$67.29
Paid OOP: $5.29
Saved: $64.23 (95.45%)

Weekly Shopping - saved 68.6%

July 10th to July 16th  Spent $42.99 , Savings  $97.25 (68.6%)  So this week I went shopping twice on Sunday and Saturday..

Products Worth $66.14
Paid OOP: $15.93
Savings: $52.17 (79%)
Received: $5 ECB

Products Worth $75.59
Paid OOP: $27.06
Savings: $48.08 (63.6%)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday shopping 7/10 - 79% savings

 I needed diapers for my little one urgently. I usually order from Amazon mom's subscribe n save but I noticed this time around it was going to be  expensive and  I didnt have enough Amazon credit in my account. So if I was to order I would have ordered a  small box till I can fatten my amazon account using my survey and swagbucks rewards. So in my search I thought of purchasing Pamper Cruisers size 4 64ct box. At Amazon it would have costed me $12.59 (0.19/ count) with Subscribe n save. Thank God to CVS's deal this week, $4 Pampers home mailer coupon and the added wonders of ECB's n $5/$30 CVS emailed coupons I ended up getting the same box for $10.32 (0.16/count) and received $5 ECB's from the transaction!So If I add it to my calculations... got the diapers for $5.32 (0.08/ct) Amazing isnt it!!   Hopefully the box will last us max 3-4 weeks as I have been potty training my daughter for a while now.By the time I need then I hope there will be a better deal at Amazon.  I almost forgot to mention I got an unexpected bonus while shopping at CVS the Bic Soleil Shimmer came with a free $18.99 worth earphones, they are so cute will go great with my ipod!!! Thank you!!
After my CVS trip I visited Kroger checked what they had in store and their pricing and any unadvertised sales. I found a book on clearance for 50 cent about Happy feet, the little Penguin who could dance and I grabbed it for the little one.. Im sure she will love it!!

Breakdown of my transactions:
CVS(My store was out of the complete Multipurpose solution)
1st Transaction
1. Balance bar $1.69
2.Bic Soliel shimmer $6.99 with free earphones $18.99
 =$8.68  plus 18.99 ($27.67)[ reg. retail : $9.98 ($28.97)]
$3 Off any Bic product - 7/10 insert
$1 ECB - spring rewards. (Most of my ECB's expired as I was away and hubby refused to use them)!!

Paid : $5.08  ($4.68 plus 0.40 tax)
Received:  $1.69 and $3  ECB's
Savings: $5.30

2nd Transaction:
1.Pamper cruiser size 4 $19.99 ( reg. retail $24.69)
2.Zantac 150mg, 24 ct $10.49
=$30.48(reg. retail: 35.18)

$5 off $30 CVS Q
$3 off  Zantac 24ct or more CVS coupon
$4 off pamper cruisers .. home mailer exp 7/31
$5 off maximum strength zantac 24 ct or more... home mailer
$4.69 ECB's from first transaction.

Paid : $10.32 (8.79 plus 1.53 tax) OOP
Received :$5 ECB's from the Pampers.

Book $0.50 (reg.retail $1.99)
Paid :$0.53
Saved :$1.49

Total value of Merchandise: $66.14
Paid OOP: $15.93
Savings: $52.17 (79%)
Received: $5 ECB

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lawry's Bzz Kit

I received the Lawry kit courtesy of  Bzz Agent the day before I left for my Sibling's graduation. I was so excited to see the items. But I knew I would have to hide it in my pantry from my hubby because if he finds the marinades, he will use it before I get my hands on it!! And I need to test and taste it!! I cant blame him he enjoys cooking, too!

The kit came with 2 full size Marinades -the Balsamic Herb and the original Seasoned Salt Marinade; a bottle of seasoned salt, a recipe booklet, coupons and a red apron!! I usually use different brands of marinades and seasoned salt  in my kitchen. So I am looking forward when I head back home to try the marinades out  and leave a review!!

We did get to use the Marinades and the Balsamic Herbs was an instant winner. Balsamic Herb Marinade is inspired by the rich flavors of the Mediterranean, this marinade features aged balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and the perfect blend of Italian herbs including basil, rosemary and thyme. It had a very aromatic smell and tasted delicious. The instructions state that you can put  the marinade on your meat for 30 minutes and it would be sufficient. I like to keep my meat marinated overnight and like turning it. We usually eat chicken breast alot so thats what we experimented on.  We baked the marinated split chicken breast. I was worried that it maybe to salty but it was just right.. with a great taste of Italian  herbs and  tangy balsamic taste. Im a big fan of herbs and spices and I really liked this product. Im also a fan of Mediterranean food Ive lived in that part of the world for 7 years and I enjoy every minute I get to bring back the memories of my past. My Krafts Honey Barbequed Marinade for sure will be second to this Marinade!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week 2. Keep up the workout!!

I am planning to travel in the middle of this week and I also have to keep up with my exercise and diet. It's going to be a challenge will see how it goes along. I have to stay focused and motivated to reach my goals.

Day 1 of Week 2
My weigh in: 153.4lb

I will be doing cardio again. I might as well do crunch again as I need the challenge!!

Day 2
My weigh in : 153.0lb
According to the Hiphop abs calendar Ive got to do 2 DVD's and it was great to do!!