My exercise journal

I have been on and off exercising since I delivered my little one. She is soon going to be a year old and I haven't lost the baby fat. I have a small frame 5.4" my pregnancy weight was 125lbs and I gained 30pds during the pregnancy. For the last 11months with the breastfeeding I was stuck at 155-156 lbs. Im not very happy with the way I look as none of my usual clothes fit me I still wear my pregnancy attire except for the jeans. So Ive started today to exercise and put myself on a diet.

I had done the  6weeks body makeover 2 years back and have all the  instructions with it. But this time around I will Jazz it up with different workouts.

 I managed to get Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs Shaun T's Hip hop Abs from a friend and had tried it out as it was fun to do.I will follow the Hip hop Abs Calendar and exercise in the morning every day.

Workout Evening:
Will choose any of these titles from my DVD collection or get on the Treadmill!
1. Women's Health The wedding workout - you can customize the workout
2. Crunch Belly, thigh and bun's bootcamp
3. StayBall Workout DVD which came with my exercise ball
4. The Body coach for a firmer Thighs and Trimmer Waist.
5.Wii Tennis
6.Bellydancing workout
7.6weekmakeover workout DVD..which targets specific areas.

My plan
1. Use the Six week Body Makeover diet to plan my food.
2. Work out 2 times a day. I will be following the HipHop Abs Calendar and an evening activity!
3. Drink alot of water-100 Oz per day!! Something I have stopped doing!!
4. Morning Weigh ins.

Breakfast - 1 cup of oatmeal with 1/2 Banana and 2 egg white omelet, and a cup of wild berry tea or coffee -(Increased because I will be exercising later)
Exercise for 45-1hr

2 oz Chicken/Turkey breast and Oven baked Sweet potato fries/boiled sweet potato

2oz Chicken breast/Turkey,1/2 Cup of rice and 1-2 cups of mixed veggies

Mid Afternoon snack
2 oz Chicken breast/Turkey/Tuna, 1/2cup sweet potatoes/potatoes

Exercise for 45-1hr
Walk/ jog/run on the Treadmill or another Work out DVD.

2oz Chicken breast, 1/2 potatoes and 1-2 cups Veggies.

PM Snack Optional
1/2 cup  of fruit

I have had to make a change... workout once a day in the morning for a longer period of time 1-2hrs.
I will be travelling for 3 weeks plan to continue with the program!!

1st  week  results - Lost 3.4 pounds. You can read the post here
2nd week - to be updated