Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lawry's Bzz Kit

I received the Lawry kit courtesy of  Bzz Agent the day before I left for my Sibling's graduation. I was so excited to see the items. But I knew I would have to hide it in my pantry from my hubby because if he finds the marinades, he will use it before I get my hands on it!! And I need to test and taste it!! I cant blame him he enjoys cooking, too!

The kit came with 2 full size Marinades -the Balsamic Herb and the original Seasoned Salt Marinade; a bottle of seasoned salt, a recipe booklet, coupons and a red apron!! I usually use different brands of marinades and seasoned salt  in my kitchen. So I am looking forward when I head back home to try the marinades out  and leave a review!!

We did get to use the Marinades and the Balsamic Herbs was an instant winner. Balsamic Herb Marinade is inspired by the rich flavors of the Mediterranean, this marinade features aged balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and the perfect blend of Italian herbs including basil, rosemary and thyme. It had a very aromatic smell and tasted delicious. The instructions state that you can put  the marinade on your meat for 30 minutes and it would be sufficient. I like to keep my meat marinated overnight and like turning it. We usually eat chicken breast alot so thats what we experimented on.  We baked the marinated split chicken breast. I was worried that it maybe to salty but it was just right.. with a great taste of Italian  herbs and  tangy balsamic taste. Im a big fan of herbs and spices and I really liked this product. Im also a fan of Mediterranean food Ive lived in that part of the world for 7 years and I enjoy every minute I get to bring back the memories of my past. My Krafts Honey Barbequed Marinade for sure will be second to this Marinade!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week 2. Keep up the workout!!

I am planning to travel in the middle of this week and I also have to keep up with my exercise and diet. It's going to be a challenge will see how it goes along. I have to stay focused and motivated to reach my goals.

Day 1 of Week 2
My weigh in: 153.4lb

I will be doing cardio again. I might as well do crunch again as I need the challenge!!

Day 2
My weigh in : 153.0lb
According to the Hiphop abs calendar Ive got to do 2 DVD's and it was great to do!!

Week 1. Good so far !!

Today, June 5th is a new week in review of last week I can say.. I have become more active managed to get more than 1hr of exercise and eat smaller meals 6 times a day. I have lost 3.4 pounds !! I started out weighing 156.8lb and today I weigh 153.4lbs, yay!!. And I am drinking more water!!! Im going back to the old me!! 

Day 7 June 4th
My weigh in 154.8pds

Today I am giving my muscles and body a rest.I will be catching up with next week shopping senarios and start packing for my trip.

Day 6 June 3rd
My weigh in 153.8pds
I only did the Cardio DVD as I had a busy day.

Day 5 June 2nd
My weigh in 154.4pds  
I made a change I cant handle 2 workout activities in the day.. end up being to exhausted to do anything else. So I will be working out a bit longer using 2 DVD.s Will start with the Cardio DVD  then I will do the Crunch DVD.

Enjoyed working out for a longer period of time!! The Crunch DVD really challenged me but I didnt stop finished it till the end. And I felt extremely good!! No more sores and aches and huffing and puffing! I can do it!!

Day 4 June 1st
My weigh in 154.4pds 
Will be doing the Cardio DVD in the morning. Havent decided what I will do in the evening maybe the Crunch DVD again as it really worked me out!
I ended up skipping the evening workout all together as I was feeling exhausted.

Day 3. May 31st
My weigh in: 153.8 pds.

Working out using Ab Sculpting  DVD2. In the evening I was on the Treadmill brisk walking for 1hr.

Day 2. May 30th
My Weigh in: 155.4 pounds

Woke up sore all over. Worked out with Fat Burning Cardio. Still has me sweating!!
Evening Workout: Crunch Belly, Butt & Thighs Boot Camp
Will see how the rest of the week pans out!!
I wasnt ready for the 2nd DVD- Crunch bootcamp had me exhausted in the first 30 minutes. I couldnt handle it and stopped. I will build my stamina slowly!! Price we have to pay when you stop being active!!

Day 1 of week 1:
My Weigh in: 156.8 pounds

I started out this morning with the Shaun T's HipHop Fat Burning Cardio DVD1. Broke out into a good sweat and had fun.. My little one was running around playing with the dumbbells and smiling away.The routine didnt require dumbbells.

Evening Workout :
Women's Health  The wedding day workout DVD - Did the upper body and ab core workout. I can feel my muscles aching right now!! Feel exhausted!!

It's 7.30pm. Already drank 4 18Oz bottles of water. Have 1 and a half to go to reach 100 Oz!! Im sure I will reach the goal before I go to sleep ;)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Walmart Grocery shopping 6/4

Hubby picked up these items. And I dont have a photo for them .

2 loaves of Bread @$1.98
Chicken breast @1.88/lb  $10.34
Milk $3.08
Eggs 18 pk $2.38
2 cans of Kidney beans @0.66
Bananas $2.18
Romaine lettuce $1.78
Tomato $1.46
Total :  $27.03 ($26.50 plus  tax 0.53)

There are no savings but I would say that Walmart has the lowest prices for example the bread we buy- Arnold wholewheat Dutch country  at publix it is priced $1.30 higher.

Saturday shopping- 5/4 ; 77% Savings at RiteAid and Publix

This week we didnt go shopping. Ive been busy organising myself. I will be leaving soon for my sisters graduation in Canada. I managed to head out to Rite Aid as my $9 UP's were expiring and popped in Publix as my rain check was expiring, too but only after hubby made a trip to walmart and picked up groceries and other needed items. I wasnt really psyched to go shopping at Rite Aid today and I took my little one in tow. I ended up making 3 transactions instead of two and paying alittle extra.

I had planned to buy early edn sunday newspaper and 2 renpure conditioners. Saw a sippy cup on sale and took it as I needed one for my daughter. I wasnt  intending to buy candy but had to use them as fillers.. well for the 1st transaction.. the candy in the 2nd transaction was a mistake I should have bought my newspaper!!
Anyway thats me  keep making mistakes!! So when I realized I hadnt bought my newspaper I made a 3rd transaction!! Plus side of it is I managed to receive 2 survey invitations!! Thank you rite Aid!!

1st Transaction
2 Renpure conditioner @$4.99   (reg. $6.99) get 4.99 UP's =$9.98
 1 filler kitkat bar 0.50
Total $10.48  (reg. ret $13.98)

$9 Ups  and $1 non prescription Up

Paid OOP   $0.97(0.48 plus 0.49 tax)
Savings: $14
Received (2) $4.99 Up's

2nd transaction

Pampers  sippy cup $4.49  reg. ret $4.99
Reese candy $0.50
Total $4.99 ( reg. ret $5.49)

$4.99 Ups from previous transaction

Paid ;$0.28 (only tax) OOP
Savings: $5.49
Received $1UP's from sippy cup

3rd Transaction
1 Newspaper  $2
Used $1 UP's from previous transaction

Paid  $1.12 OOP ($1 and 0.12 tax)

Total: Value of products:$21.47
OOP: $2.37
Savings: $20.49  (63%)
Still have $4.99 Up's and 2 surveys!!

Had a raincheck for Bic razors 3-4 Pack which were BOGO  priced at $5.49. My raincheck was expiring today and Im so glad that I passed by the store!!As of last week they didnt have any instore!!
 Bic razors B1GI @$5.49
1 newspaper $2
Total: $7.49 ( reg.retail $12.98)

(2) $3 off bic razors  (overage of 0.51)

Paid $1.94( 1.49 plus 0.45 tax) OOP
Savings:$6 (76%)

My total: 
merchandise worth: $34.45
Paid : $4.31 OOP
Savings $26.49 ( 77% )