Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday shopping- 5/4 ; 77% Savings at RiteAid and Publix

This week we didnt go shopping. Ive been busy organising myself. I will be leaving soon for my sisters graduation in Canada. I managed to head out to Rite Aid as my $9 UP's were expiring and popped in Publix as my rain check was expiring, too but only after hubby made a trip to walmart and picked up groceries and other needed items. I wasnt really psyched to go shopping at Rite Aid today and I took my little one in tow. I ended up making 3 transactions instead of two and paying alittle extra.

I had planned to buy early edn sunday newspaper and 2 renpure conditioners. Saw a sippy cup on sale and took it as I needed one for my daughter. I wasnt  intending to buy candy but had to use them as fillers.. well for the 1st transaction.. the candy in the 2nd transaction was a mistake I should have bought my newspaper!!
Anyway thats me  keep making mistakes!! So when I realized I hadnt bought my newspaper I made a 3rd transaction!! Plus side of it is I managed to receive 2 survey invitations!! Thank you rite Aid!!

1st Transaction
2 Renpure conditioner @$4.99   (reg. $6.99) get 4.99 UP's =$9.98
 1 filler kitkat bar 0.50
Total $10.48  (reg. ret $13.98)

$9 Ups  and $1 non prescription Up

Paid OOP   $0.97(0.48 plus 0.49 tax)
Savings: $14
Received (2) $4.99 Up's

2nd transaction

Pampers  sippy cup $4.49  reg. ret $4.99
Reese candy $0.50
Total $4.99 ( reg. ret $5.49)

$4.99 Ups from previous transaction

Paid ;$0.28 (only tax) OOP
Savings: $5.49
Received $1UP's from sippy cup

3rd Transaction
1 Newspaper  $2
Used $1 UP's from previous transaction

Paid  $1.12 OOP ($1 and 0.12 tax)

Total: Value of products:$21.47
OOP: $2.37
Savings: $20.49  (63%)
Still have $4.99 Up's and 2 surveys!!

Had a raincheck for Bic razors 3-4 Pack which were BOGO  priced at $5.49. My raincheck was expiring today and Im so glad that I passed by the store!!As of last week they didnt have any instore!!
 Bic razors B1GI @$5.49
1 newspaper $2
Total: $7.49 ( reg.retail $12.98)

(2) $3 off bic razors  (overage of 0.51)

Paid $1.94( 1.49 plus 0.45 tax) OOP
Savings:$6 (76%)

My total: 
merchandise worth: $34.45
Paid : $4.31 OOP
Savings $26.49 ( 77% )

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