Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday Shopping - 5/28 savings 68%

I was supposed to go shopping on Thursday but I didnt get around to do it. Today we went out as a family and spent sometime at Northlake Mall in Tucker. After that we visited CVS, Walmart, Kroger and Whole foods to purchase food supplies. We  managed to stock up on Chicken and Similac for the little one. Havent been lucky yet to get the $1 Kandoo wipes at Kroger..I always find the shelf  cleared and I forgot to get a raincheck. I hope the sale continues. I didnt save much on this trip as most of items didnt have coupons but I managed to score some good deals!
I just realized right now while typing up the receipts that at Walmart my free coupon for Philadelphia Creme was not applied... they owe my $2.48 :(. Guess I will have 2 go in tomorrow to deal with Customer service!! Once I get my refund I will update my post.

 I wasnt very happy with the trip I didnt go to my regular CVS again. The store didnt have green tags, and my $1 off any biore coupon and none of the  revlon coupons went through. So the cashier rejected them. I made a calculated decision of leaving the revlon nail polishs.. I dont have the extra money to spend. :(
I received a free green tag Coupon, $1 off crystal light drink mix and $1 off any Popcorn Indiana from the CVS Coupon machine. And I also got a $2 off $10 worth of Candy coupon  printed on my receipt.

2 Purex @1.98
1. Biore stripe $7.99
1  Biore Cleanser $7.99
Total: $19.94 (Reg price.$30.86)

BI biore strip GI biore cleanser free
2 $1 off 50oz Purex detergant
$5 ECB and $2 ECB from last week
 Total:  $16.99

Paid:$2.95 plux $1.40 = $4.35
Savings: $27.91
Received :$5 ECB from Biore and $1 ECB  from Green tag as it was my 4th visit.

(3) Tyson split Chicken breast  $1.19/LB. Packages priced $2.89,$2.80,$2.94 =$8.63 approx 7.25 pounds
I didnt have the $1off any Tyson product coupon but it was still a great deal as we usually buy chicken breast at $1.88/lb at walmart = approx 5.32 pounds at $10
Kroger Drumsticks4.69 @ $1.99/LB = $5.53
Ore-Ida Sweet Potato fries - $2.79
Similac sensitive $4.19
Total: $ 21.14 (Reg.Price: $28.85)

Free bag of Oreida Sweet Potato fries  - Facebook offer
$5 off any similac product - exp 5/31
Total: $7.79

Paid $13.18 OOP
Saved: $16.30

Bananas  4.40lb @$0.52/lb = $2.29
Sweet Potatoes 2.64lb @$0.93/lb =$2.46
Arnold Wholewheat Dutch Country Bread $1.98
Quaker Oats oatmeal 40oz - $2.72
Eggs 18 Carton  = $2.46
Lettuce $1.58
Cilantro $0.88
Roma Tomatoes 0.90lb @$1.38/lb=$1.24
3 Carefree pantiliner @0.94= $2.82
Similac sensitive $3.84
2 Wilkinson women twin razor $0.97=$1.94
Philadelphia cooking creme  $2.48
Total: $26.69

2- $1 off any wilkinson  twin razors - internet coupon
3 -$1off carefree coupon ( They took of $0.94@,NO OVERAGE :( )
$3 off any similac product
(My free Philadelphia cooking creme was not applied which is confusing, she scanned it through, wrote the amount on the coupon guess she didnt press enter???)
Total: $7.82

Paid : $11.41 OOP and $8.46 from Walmart gift card

2nd Transaction:
Similac sensitive  $3.84
Used $3 off any similac product Coupon
Paid $0.96

Paid $12.37 OOP
Saved:  $10.82 plus $8.46 GC =  $19.28

Whole Foods
Walnuts  $2.50
Back to Nature Cranberry Pecan Granola Cookies $3.19
Total: $5.69

$1off any Back to Nature product - internet coupon
$1 off any Back to Nature product - Whole food Coupon
2- 0.10 Bag refund  as I brought in my own bag.
Total: $ 2.2

Paid :$3.49 plus 0.18 tax = $3.67
Savings: $2.2

Overall Totals:
Merchandise value before sale: 95.93%
Paid OOP: $33.57
Savings: $65.69 = 68%

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