Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Publix Trip 5/24 - 15 items paid less than $5

Had to go to Publix to get some freebies and pick a few necessities in the house. My Publix store ads run Thursday to Wednesday where I live.And my publix accepts Target and Kroger coupons. Luckily, we have free access to Target coupons online!! The only item we needed was salt  but I wanted to buy some sugar to stockpile as it was a great price - 5lb bag for $2.99 and with a 50c coupon which doubles  I got it for $1.99.

There are a couple of great discounts going on at Publix which I wanted to take and advantage of too:
Covergirl blushers, bronzers, pressed powder have a $2 off discount of their retail price and Right Guard products have a  30% discount.

This is what I bought
(3) Breakstone cottage cheese doubles @$0.5 = $1.5
(4)Covergirl blush @3.59 with the$2off  @$1.59   Total = $6.36
(2)Wishbone dressing  -BOGO $2.65
(2)Rightguard deos @$1.95 = $3.9
(1)Domino 5lb pure cane sugar  @$2.99
(1)Thai Kitchen Noddles @ $1.09
(1)Peterpan Peanut butter 28oz @$2.69
(1)Morton Iodinized salt @$0.57

2- $1 Publix- Wishbone coupon
1-$1.25/2 Wishbone coupon -printable
2-$1 Target- Any covergirl cosmetic coupon - from Target beauty bag promotion
2-$2.5/2 - Any covergirl cosmetic coupon -P&G 5/2
1-$0.75/3- Breakstone cottage cheese doubles coupon
1-$0.50- Domino sugar coupon  which doubled to $1 - 5/22
1-$0.50- Any Thai kitchen product coupon which doubled to $1- printable
1-BIGI free Right guard product
2-$1- Target - any Rightguard product - printable
1-$1- Peterpan  Peanut butter coupon from April All you mag(Not very sure )

Paid $4.37($3.80 plus 0.59 in tax) OOP and saved $34.23.  89% savings!!

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