Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 22nd to 28th Spent $76.05 , Saved $124.02 (79%)

So far I have had a great week. Stopped by Walgreens on Sunday and Publix on Tuesday. I did check my Walgreens again yesterday to see if they have restocked products but it didnt look like it.  I still havent been able to go to CVS or RA. And now there are rumours of changes in Rite Aid policy, awaiting to hear the official verdict.

So far my totals are as follows :

Walgreens You can read it here
Spent  $5.99 OOP and Saved $24.1= 80%

Publix  You can read it here
Spent $4.37 OOP and Saved $34.23 =89%

Managed to do my shopping on Saturday. R.A have changed their policy - cant use a B1G1 free coupon on a BOGO sale. My trip went smoothly.. just one mishap one of my coupons wasn't deducted. Will head tomorrow to Walmart!

Visited : CVS,Kroger,Walmart, Whole foods  You can read it here
Spent: $33.57 OOP and Saved 65.69 = 68%

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