Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday shopping- 4/17

Total before sales & coupons: $69.47
Savings: $48.76 or 70%
OOP (out of pocket): $23.21
Received : $2 ECB
This Sunday I wanted to get the RA bogo airwick deal especially as the coupon expires today and buy similac powder & Physician formula as there is a significant reduction in prices at CVS. Visited RiteAid first to check if I could get free Airwick air freshener unfortunately they were out. I decided to look at the what was still in stock. Took  2 ajax cleanser and 2 Arm & Hammer baking powder when I went to the cashier and the  Fab, Ajax, coupon didnt want to scan through so I decided to leave them and only bought the baking soda.As the manager was behind the cashier today asked her if I could pay for the Airwick today and pick it up later. She said that it's not possible. I do remember reading that some people preorder and purchase items thats why I was asking.  I later went to my local CVS and took my time  I received a $1.50 Bayer aspirin coupon from the red box and I  noticed there was a  50 ct. reduced to  $2.34.making it free with my MFR coupon.  Because I am buying baby formula I usually pay OOP as I dont want to use much of my ECB'S. So after a successful CVS trip I popped in a different RA to check their inventory most of the good stuff had been cleared, too and also to check if they had rimmel mascara as I had an RA coupon and hadnt been able to get it. Ended up getting a raincheck as they have been out for a while. So I went to Walmart to get some more Similac (liquid) and Nestle cereal and added a few things.

(2)  Arms & Hammer baking soda  @$0.59 (reg. retail 0.99) **
used $1 off any Arms and hammer laundry products.
Total: $1.18
 Paid:$ 0.18
Saved: $1.80
*** eligible for  $10 UP's  when you buy $30 worth of cleaning product
Total: $1.17  so have $28.83 to reach that goal. And I also received another $3 of $15 survey invite.

Total Merchandise value before sale price: $55.03
Paid OOP: $18.
Saved: $38.46  or 70%
ECB: $2.3

1st transaction:

Similac simplepak $21.99 (reg. retail 25.49)
Bayers aspirin 50 ct. $2.34 (reg retail $4.69)
Heads and shoulders $4.99 ( reg.retail  5.89)
Edge infused shaving cream $ 3.29  (reg retail $ 3.49)
Physician Formula 2 in 1 concealer $ 4.79 (reg. retail 7.99)** 40% off promotion
4 snickers single eggs @$0.5 (reg.retail 0.87)
= $39.4 ( Reg. retail =51.03)

$5 off $30 CVS email coupon
$1.50 off Bayers aspirin  CVS  coupon
$5 off similac  simplepak coupon from march inserts
$5 off any Physician formula coupon  which got decreased to $4.79
$1 off Bayer aspirin
$2 Head and shoulders from P&G Home mailer
(2)$1/2 Mars easter candy
$0.55 off Edge infused shaving  gel/cream
 $1.99 and $1 ECB's from last week.

Total: $14.57 plus $1.19 in tax
OOP: $15.76
Earned : $2 ECB(H&S)  and $2.3 ECB( Edge)

2nd Transaction
2 Sunday Newspaper @$2
Total: $4.00 plus 0.24 tax

Paid with $2 ECB  from transaction 1 and $2.24OOP
Saved: $2

1. Minute Maid orange juice $2.62
1. Smart balance milk  $3.14
1. Similac  1 quart  $3.84
1. Nestle baby cereal  $ 2.66
1. Mt. Olive sweet relish  $1

$1 off Minute maid from FB
$5 any similac product  - 4/3 insert
$2 off smart balance milk
$0.5 off any mt. Olive relish

Totaling : $4.76 plus 0.27 tax
Paid using GC $5.03  Still have a $4.3 Balance.
Saved: $8.5

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday shopping- 4/16

Total before sales & coupons: $32.38
Savings: $10.97or 49%
OOP (out of pocket): $22.28

I had planned to visit Walmart as we were running low on groceries and also needed  to return a couple of items we purchased for our daughters room and the car..they have been in the house for a while and the 90 daysreturn were almost upon us. I also needed to buy  drawer & door latches to child proof the kitchen  as  my toddler is now exploring the whole house. I also planned to go to Rite Aid to get some Old spice body wash and exchange the gillete manual razor to a battery powered one.  Unfortunately, the shelves were cleared at my local RA so I opted to get a Raincheck and to my surprise on the exchange receipt I received an opportunity to do a survey and get  $3 of $15 RA coupon. All I could say was Hurray!!!

At Walmart I got paid back $31.61 in a walmart Gift card for the returns. I got tempted this time around while doing my grocery shopping to try out some of the Alexia products - the sweet potatoes and the  oven fries with Parmesan cheese as I had  2 $1 off  any alexia frozen item coupons .Unfortunately both of the coupons didnt go through and I decided not to take them. It would have cost me a total of  $6.15 OOP

I bought
Great day All Natural Eggs  xl  $1.73  and  large $1.62
Safety 1 door latches  $3.50
Bananas  $1.64 ( 3.15/lb)
(2)Arnold Wholewheat bread @$1.98
Scotch Magic tape $1.22
(3) Hunt's Tomato paste @0.50
(2) Hunt's Tomato sauce @ 0.48
Starkist tuna pouch $0.78
(2) 2% Milk @$2.98
Similac  sensitive 1 qrt  $3.84
Minute maid $2.62
Degree deo 0.97
Flour $2.08
Total before tax: 32.38

(2)$1 off 1 carton of eggs.
$1 off magic scotch tape
Buy 4 get 1 free hunt's paste or sauce, upto 47 cents
50 c off starkist product
$5 off any similac product = 1.16 OVERAGE
$1 off minute maid orange 
$1 off degree deo = 0.03 OVERAGE

Paid : $21.41  and 0.87 in tax  using the gift card. Have a $9.33 balance remaining.  49% savings!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Unplanned trip- 4/14

Total before sales & coupons: $29.73
Savings: $26.11 or  87.82%
OOP (out of pocket): $4.67

Had to go and pick up a few things and opted to use the rewards than real money to pay for stuff. Visited CVS first as I had a few CVS free coupons and $3 Birthday coupon. I also had a $1/2 coke coupon after realising that I had atleast  2 $5 ECB's I was going to use I opted not to use the coupon. We were short on Honey nut Cheerios and pasta sauce and wanted  also to take advantage of the current sale on xtra detergant and prunes.Unfortunately there were no prunes in store so i took a raincheck. Received a sweet surprise when I scanned my CVS card I received $5 ECB reward as I had reached $50 for the Beauty Club rewards. I also had the CVS online coupon to get a free mesh sponge when you buy any essence of beauty bath & body purchase but they were out asked for a raincheck. The cashier didnt want to do it asked if I could visit another store.

CVS Transaction
(1) xtra mountain  laundry detergent  $1.49 reg retail $2.99
 (1) Honey Nut cheerio  22 oz $6.39
(3) Coke 2oz  @1.69 = $5.07
Ragu original 24oz 2.19
CANDY  $0.33
Essence of beauty bath antibacterial hand wash $3.99
= $20.96

CVS Free drink or candy upto $2.
CVS Free antibacterial essence of beauty $3.99
      $3 CVS birthday coupon
      $10 ECB
      0.50 OFF XTRA coupon ... IP
Paid 0.14 OOP (took off some of the tax , too!)
Saved :$20.99

Walmart transaction
(1)Brocolli crown $0.98
 Bananas $1.28
(1) Loaf of Arnold wholewheat bread $1.98
(1) Similac sensitive spit up  $3.84
 Used $5 off any similac coupon - $1.16 overage applied to total!!
Paid 3.08 plus 0.16 tax = 3.24

Until we had left Walmart I realised I had forgotten to get tomato paste. I just realised how unorganised Im becoming as Kroger was on the way home I popped in to pick 2 cans up. As far as I remember it cost 50 c at walmart but  didnt want to waste anymore fuel.

2 hunts tomato paste 0.63 c reg price 0.69
Paid  $1.29
saved  $0.12

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What did you get in the mail this week?

This is what I got in the mail after April 1st till  April 14th.  My birthday coincided with these dates so I also received a Sephora  postcard reminding me to pick up my birthday present  as Im a member of their beauty insider program.  DSW  sent me a postcard which states I have $5 off any purchase.  I also received by email  50 Swagbucks for my birthday, a free dinner from Captain D's, a $3 off any purchase from CVS and icecream from DQ.
I am also a member of smilely and as a member I received the Gum Soft picks to try and give feedback. I had sent my husband  a SweetTweet when they had a FB  promotion and he appreciated it. It's so cute, a message with candy. I also received through a FB promotion a money clip from1saleADay.
The rest of the items were requested from their websites.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

CVS trip - 4/10

Total before sales & coupons: $59.85
Savings: $61.81 or 103%
OOP (out of pocket): $0.24
Got Paid Back $17.99!!!  Great profit!!
Just came back from CVS. I was lucky to receive the $5 off $40 CVS coupon and I managed to pull a big one, this time around even my hubby was shocked when he saw the receipt!! The manufacturer coupons paid some of the sale tax ended up paying only 24 cents OOP!!
Ps. I always try to use my own reusable bags and swipe my green tag so I received $1ECB on this visit as it was the 4th visit.

My transaction:

 (2) Freshmatic Starter Kit for $6 each  reg 12.99
 (2) Air Wick Spray Refills for $5 each reg 6.29
Used 2 $4 off Freshmatic coupons
Used 1 BOGO Spray Refill coupon from Smart Source 3/6/11( Minus $5)
Get $ 10 EB
= $ 9

 (1) Biore  Cleanser and (1) Biore pore strips - 2/$15  reg.  cleanser $7.79, strips $7.99
  Get $5 EB  Used Buy biore cleanser get pore strips free coupon from Smart Source 3/6/11 (Minus $7.5)
 =$ 7.5

 (1) Super Miracle Bubbles 16 oz $1.99
  Get $1.99 ECB
=$ 1.99

(2) Sunday Newspaper special bundle  $3

Total Sale Price : $41.99 , (Retail price: 59.85) >>>>  $21.49 after coupons
Used : $5 off $40  & 17.49 ECB's (From last week)  [ The MFR Q takes of the tax's  So have ONE scanned last]
Paid: $0.24
Received :
$1 (Green tag), $1.99(Bubbles), $10( airwick), $5( biore) ECB’s to use on my next trip.

 My receipt!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My walmart Trip

Made a quick trip to Walmart to buy some grocery items and also took an opportunity to use my coupons. These are the savings I made. I also found a Fisher price  SnapLock beads toy on clearance from $5 to $2  for my little one an instant $3 savings. I found them at a free standing display where most of the clearance items are kept. It can be found near the express check out at the store.

Products I bought
(2) Minute maid $2.58 @  $5.16
1/1 Minute maid FB coupons 

(1) 12pk All natural eggs (XL) $1.73
(1) 12pk All natural eggs  $1.62
Used (2)1/1 off 1 carton of All Natural Omega  Eggs FB coupons

McCormick Grill mate - $1.68
Used (1) $1 Off any McCormick spice

odor Adjustable  refresher 0.94
1/1 Odor adjustable refresher printable
 =+ 0.6 Overage

Fischer Price  Snap Lock $2 was  $5

Paid:  $6.59
Saved: $9

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday shopping 4/3 - Saved 98%

Total before sales & coupons: $56.81
Savings: $55.68 or 98%
OOP (out of pocket): $3.47
Got Paid Back $22.47!!!  Great profit!!
So this week I managed to hit a few stores on Sunday with my little Munchkin in tow. I picked up my free 8x10 photo from Walgreens and also got the April and Spring Beauty Wags coupon booklets. Still haven’t been able to get my hands on the Infant Care Coupon Booklet, sigh! Then I headed to CVS which was a great trip. Lastly I visited Rite aid which ended up being a spoiler. Have you ever planned a shopping trip and not realize your UP rewards have expired!! I pulled up at RA then while double checking my UPs I saw that they expired yesterday 4/2. And the unfortunate part is I visited RA yesterday to pick a few things and used half of my UPS and didn’t check the expiring date of the others. So I lost $6 worth of Up rewards. Apart from that the lineup of my coupons were rung up in the wrong order I ended up spending more UP rewards and OOP. All I can say is it's a lesson well learned I will be extremely careful next time when I hand them over to the cashier as the fault is on me. And maybe next time I could just drive home and reassess my shopping strategy.

Back to my trip:
1. Walgreen:
Total before sales & coupons: $2.99
Savings: $2.99 or 100%
OOP (out of pocket): $0 Free
Walgreens are promoting 7 days of deals again in their Photo section you can snag some great gifts for free or reduced prices. Today's check out code: DEAL8X10
2. CVS trip:
Total before sales & coupons: $42.04
Savings: $41.69 or 99.16%
OOP (out of pocket): $2.14
Got Back $ 17.47 in ECB’s
 I bought:
Clairol Nice n’ Easy Color Blend foam color $7.99 Get back 1 ECB
Used the free coupon from Face book promotion in March
= Free
Complete Multi-purpose solution $8.99 Get back 8.99 ECB limit 1
Used $1/1 coupon 4/3 SS
 = 7.99
(2)Oral-B Manual toothbrush $2.99 Get back $1.98 ECB limit 1
Used B1G1 FREE Oral-B Advantage toothbrush coupon 3/13 RP
ALSO, used $2/1 coupon 4/3 PG
 = 0.99
Gold Bond body wash $5.88  Get back a $3 Ecb limit of 1
Used $2/1 coupon in 3/6 SS
 (1)Oral-B Pro-health complete rinse $3.49 : Get back a $2.50 ECB limit of 2
Used $1/1 Crest rinse coupon 4/3 PG

Sundays Newspaper $2
= 2
 Used $4 off $20 purchase coupon (emailed from CVS) – Remember you  have to get to $20 BEFORE any other coupons! Make sure you register your email with CVS to get this great Coupon offers!!
Used : 13 ECB's 
Paid : 2.14 OPP !!!
Got back $1 (Clairol),$3 (Goldbond), $1.98(Oral B), $2.50( Crest), $8.99( complete) ECB’s to use on my next trip.
Now if I only waited and bought the newspaper after getting the ECB's I would have paid only $0.14 OPP!! I’m still tempted to head down to CVS and do some more shopping. :)

3: Rite Aid :
Total  before sales & coupons: $11.78
Savings: $11  or 93.37%
OOP (out of pocket): $1.33
Got Back $5 in UP’s
I had previously planned to buy the Gillette Proglide Razor and the Scunci hair bands.
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor - $9.99, $5 +UP Reward
$5 Gillette Fusion ProGlide coupon from March Ebony  inserts

Scunci Hair Bands - $1.99, $1.99 +UP Reward
 Instead  I bought  the razor only then handed the MFR coupon followed by all of my $UP rewards to the cashier. That’s when the order mishap happened  had to find filler  as there was a penny  remaining ($1.99) and the $2 UP couldn't be applied. In a perfect world the $2 UP should have been applied in the beginning and I would have had 1 UP remaining and have 99c before tax to pay for without adding the filler!!.  I took a Newton fig tagged as 49 c instead it rang up 79 c I was already emotionally drenched  I didn’t see the need to search for something cheaper and the Cashier is a very pleasant lady, didn’t want to leave her with a bad impression.  I was also lucky that the store wasn't busy  and my baby wasn't acting up either!!
Used : 4UPs and $1UP for prescription.
Paid:  1.33 OOP 
Got $5 UP back.
It seems I will be going to RA again  for an exchange hubby prefers the battery operated one. Oh! well, another adventure!!
 Copy of my receipt... You be the Judge!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

What did you get in the mail this week?

The last week of March came with a few surprises. I had forgotten all about the heart shaped post it's. I think I requested them around valentines day. Aren't they cute!! 
All the products in the photo were free. I either signed up for them like the Target beauty gift bag and the Avon Kit  or won them from the sponsor's website or Facebook page like the Creme of Nature's  new fragrance sample the Sunflower & Coconut detangling  conditioning shampoo and the P&G coupon booklet. The Kiehl's Facial fuel Energizing Face Wash was a thank you gift for my husband after completing a home based product study by L'oreal. I hope he likes it!