Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday shopping- 4/17

Total before sales & coupons: $69.47
Savings: $48.76 or 70%
OOP (out of pocket): $23.21
Received : $2 ECB
This Sunday I wanted to get the RA bogo airwick deal especially as the coupon expires today and buy similac powder & Physician formula as there is a significant reduction in prices at CVS. Visited RiteAid first to check if I could get free Airwick air freshener unfortunately they were out. I decided to look at the what was still in stock. Took  2 ajax cleanser and 2 Arm & Hammer baking powder when I went to the cashier and the  Fab, Ajax, coupon didnt want to scan through so I decided to leave them and only bought the baking soda.As the manager was behind the cashier today asked her if I could pay for the Airwick today and pick it up later. She said that it's not possible. I do remember reading that some people preorder and purchase items thats why I was asking.  I later went to my local CVS and took my time  I received a $1.50 Bayer aspirin coupon from the red box and I  noticed there was a  50 ct. reduced to  $2.34.making it free with my MFR coupon.  Because I am buying baby formula I usually pay OOP as I dont want to use much of my ECB'S. So after a successful CVS trip I popped in a different RA to check their inventory most of the good stuff had been cleared, too and also to check if they had rimmel mascara as I had an RA coupon and hadnt been able to get it. Ended up getting a raincheck as they have been out for a while. So I went to Walmart to get some more Similac (liquid) and Nestle cereal and added a few things.

(2)  Arms & Hammer baking soda  @$0.59 (reg. retail 0.99) **
used $1 off any Arms and hammer laundry products.
Total: $1.18
 Paid:$ 0.18
Saved: $1.80
*** eligible for  $10 UP's  when you buy $30 worth of cleaning product
Total: $1.17  so have $28.83 to reach that goal. And I also received another $3 of $15 survey invite.

Total Merchandise value before sale price: $55.03
Paid OOP: $18.
Saved: $38.46  or 70%
ECB: $2.3

1st transaction:

Similac simplepak $21.99 (reg. retail 25.49)
Bayers aspirin 50 ct. $2.34 (reg retail $4.69)
Heads and shoulders $4.99 ( reg.retail  5.89)
Edge infused shaving cream $ 3.29  (reg retail $ 3.49)
Physician Formula 2 in 1 concealer $ 4.79 (reg. retail 7.99)** 40% off promotion
4 snickers single eggs @$0.5 (reg.retail 0.87)
= $39.4 ( Reg. retail =51.03)

$5 off $30 CVS email coupon
$1.50 off Bayers aspirin  CVS  coupon
$5 off similac  simplepak coupon from march inserts
$5 off any Physician formula coupon  which got decreased to $4.79
$1 off Bayer aspirin
$2 Head and shoulders from P&G Home mailer
(2)$1/2 Mars easter candy
$0.55 off Edge infused shaving  gel/cream
 $1.99 and $1 ECB's from last week.

Total: $14.57 plus $1.19 in tax
OOP: $15.76
Earned : $2 ECB(H&S)  and $2.3 ECB( Edge)

2nd Transaction
2 Sunday Newspaper @$2
Total: $4.00 plus 0.24 tax

Paid with $2 ECB  from transaction 1 and $2.24OOP
Saved: $2

1. Minute Maid orange juice $2.62
1. Smart balance milk  $3.14
1. Similac  1 quart  $3.84
1. Nestle baby cereal  $ 2.66
1. Mt. Olive sweet relish  $1

$1 off Minute maid from FB
$5 any similac product  - 4/3 insert
$2 off smart balance milk
$0.5 off any mt. Olive relish

Totaling : $4.76 plus 0.27 tax
Paid using GC $5.03  Still have a $4.3 Balance.
Saved: $8.5

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