Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday shopping- 4/16

Total before sales & coupons: $32.38
Savings: $10.97or 49%
OOP (out of pocket): $22.28

I had planned to visit Walmart as we were running low on groceries and also needed  to return a couple of items we purchased for our daughters room and the car..they have been in the house for a while and the 90 daysreturn were almost upon us. I also needed to buy  drawer & door latches to child proof the kitchen  as  my toddler is now exploring the whole house. I also planned to go to Rite Aid to get some Old spice body wash and exchange the gillete manual razor to a battery powered one.  Unfortunately, the shelves were cleared at my local RA so I opted to get a Raincheck and to my surprise on the exchange receipt I received an opportunity to do a survey and get  $3 of $15 RA coupon. All I could say was Hurray!!!

At Walmart I got paid back $31.61 in a walmart Gift card for the returns. I got tempted this time around while doing my grocery shopping to try out some of the Alexia products - the sweet potatoes and the  oven fries with Parmesan cheese as I had  2 $1 off  any alexia frozen item coupons .Unfortunately both of the coupons didnt go through and I decided not to take them. It would have cost me a total of  $6.15 OOP

I bought
Great day All Natural Eggs  xl  $1.73  and  large $1.62
Safety 1 door latches  $3.50
Bananas  $1.64 ( 3.15/lb)
(2)Arnold Wholewheat bread @$1.98
Scotch Magic tape $1.22
(3) Hunt's Tomato paste @0.50
(2) Hunt's Tomato sauce @ 0.48
Starkist tuna pouch $0.78
(2) 2% Milk @$2.98
Similac  sensitive 1 qrt  $3.84
Minute maid $2.62
Degree deo 0.97
Flour $2.08
Total before tax: 32.38

(2)$1 off 1 carton of eggs.
$1 off magic scotch tape
Buy 4 get 1 free hunt's paste or sauce, upto 47 cents
50 c off starkist product
$5 off any similac product = 1.16 OVERAGE
$1 off minute maid orange 
$1 off degree deo = 0.03 OVERAGE

Paid : $21.41  and 0.87 in tax  using the gift card. Have a $9.33 balance remaining.  49% savings!!

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