Friday, April 15, 2011

Unplanned trip- 4/14

Total before sales & coupons: $29.73
Savings: $26.11 or  87.82%
OOP (out of pocket): $4.67

Had to go and pick up a few things and opted to use the rewards than real money to pay for stuff. Visited CVS first as I had a few CVS free coupons and $3 Birthday coupon. I also had a $1/2 coke coupon after realising that I had atleast  2 $5 ECB's I was going to use I opted not to use the coupon. We were short on Honey nut Cheerios and pasta sauce and wanted  also to take advantage of the current sale on xtra detergant and prunes.Unfortunately there were no prunes in store so i took a raincheck. Received a sweet surprise when I scanned my CVS card I received $5 ECB reward as I had reached $50 for the Beauty Club rewards. I also had the CVS online coupon to get a free mesh sponge when you buy any essence of beauty bath & body purchase but they were out asked for a raincheck. The cashier didnt want to do it asked if I could visit another store.

CVS Transaction
(1) xtra mountain  laundry detergent  $1.49 reg retail $2.99
 (1) Honey Nut cheerio  22 oz $6.39
(3) Coke 2oz  @1.69 = $5.07
Ragu original 24oz 2.19
CANDY  $0.33
Essence of beauty bath antibacterial hand wash $3.99
= $20.96

CVS Free drink or candy upto $2.
CVS Free antibacterial essence of beauty $3.99
      $3 CVS birthday coupon
      $10 ECB
      0.50 OFF XTRA coupon ... IP
Paid 0.14 OOP (took off some of the tax , too!)
Saved :$20.99

Walmart transaction
(1)Brocolli crown $0.98
 Bananas $1.28
(1) Loaf of Arnold wholewheat bread $1.98
(1) Similac sensitive spit up  $3.84
 Used $5 off any similac coupon - $1.16 overage applied to total!!
Paid 3.08 plus 0.16 tax = 3.24

Until we had left Walmart I realised I had forgotten to get tomato paste. I just realised how unorganised Im becoming as Kroger was on the way home I popped in to pick 2 cans up. As far as I remember it cost 50 c at walmart but  didnt want to waste anymore fuel.

2 hunts tomato paste 0.63 c reg price 0.69
Paid  $1.29
saved  $0.12

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