Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week 1. Good so far !!

Today, June 5th is a new week in review of last week I can say.. I have become more active managed to get more than 1hr of exercise and eat smaller meals 6 times a day. I have lost 3.4 pounds !! I started out weighing 156.8lb and today I weigh 153.4lbs, yay!!. And I am drinking more water!!! Im going back to the old me!! 

Day 7 June 4th
My weigh in 154.8pds

Today I am giving my muscles and body a rest.I will be catching up with next week shopping senarios and start packing for my trip.

Day 6 June 3rd
My weigh in 153.8pds
I only did the Cardio DVD as I had a busy day.

Day 5 June 2nd
My weigh in 154.4pds  
I made a change I cant handle 2 workout activities in the day.. end up being to exhausted to do anything else. So I will be working out a bit longer using 2 DVD.s Will start with the Cardio DVD  then I will do the Crunch DVD.

Enjoyed working out for a longer period of time!! The Crunch DVD really challenged me but I didnt stop finished it till the end. And I felt extremely good!! No more sores and aches and huffing and puffing! I can do it!!

Day 4 June 1st
My weigh in 154.4pds 
Will be doing the Cardio DVD in the morning. Havent decided what I will do in the evening maybe the Crunch DVD again as it really worked me out!
I ended up skipping the evening workout all together as I was feeling exhausted.

Day 3. May 31st
My weigh in: 153.8 pds.

Working out using Ab Sculpting  DVD2. In the evening I was on the Treadmill brisk walking for 1hr.

Day 2. May 30th
My Weigh in: 155.4 pounds

Woke up sore all over. Worked out with Fat Burning Cardio. Still has me sweating!!
Evening Workout: Crunch Belly, Butt & Thighs Boot Camp
Will see how the rest of the week pans out!!
I wasnt ready for the 2nd DVD- Crunch bootcamp had me exhausted in the first 30 minutes. I couldnt handle it and stopped. I will build my stamina slowly!! Price we have to pay when you stop being active!!

Day 1 of week 1:
My Weigh in: 156.8 pounds

I started out this morning with the Shaun T's HipHop Fat Burning Cardio DVD1. Broke out into a good sweat and had fun.. My little one was running around playing with the dumbbells and smiling away.The routine didnt require dumbbells.

Evening Workout :
Women's Health  The wedding day workout DVD - Did the upper body and ab core workout. I can feel my muscles aching right now!! Feel exhausted!!

It's 7.30pm. Already drank 4 18Oz bottles of water. Have 1 and a half to go to reach 100 Oz!! Im sure I will reach the goal before I go to sleep ;)

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