Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lawry's Bzz Kit

I received the Lawry kit courtesy of  Bzz Agent the day before I left for my Sibling's graduation. I was so excited to see the items. But I knew I would have to hide it in my pantry from my hubby because if he finds the marinades, he will use it before I get my hands on it!! And I need to test and taste it!! I cant blame him he enjoys cooking, too!

The kit came with 2 full size Marinades -the Balsamic Herb and the original Seasoned Salt Marinade; a bottle of seasoned salt, a recipe booklet, coupons and a red apron!! I usually use different brands of marinades and seasoned salt  in my kitchen. So I am looking forward when I head back home to try the marinades out  and leave a review!!

We did get to use the Marinades and the Balsamic Herbs was an instant winner. Balsamic Herb Marinade is inspired by the rich flavors of the Mediterranean, this marinade features aged balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and the perfect blend of Italian herbs including basil, rosemary and thyme. It had a very aromatic smell and tasted delicious. The instructions state that you can put  the marinade on your meat for 30 minutes and it would be sufficient. I like to keep my meat marinated overnight and like turning it. We usually eat chicken breast alot so thats what we experimented on.  We baked the marinated split chicken breast. I was worried that it maybe to salty but it was just right.. with a great taste of Italian  herbs and  tangy balsamic taste. Im a big fan of herbs and spices and I really liked this product. Im also a fan of Mediterranean food Ive lived in that part of the world for 7 years and I enjoy every minute I get to bring back the memories of my past. My Krafts Honey Barbequed Marinade for sure will be second to this Marinade!!

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